The Relational Well-being at Work Index   (Level 4)
To assess the risk of psychological harassment at work

A survey to help you get an idea of what is happening in the work place with some people.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide you with a picture of the situation in your work environment. This will help you assess the presence of harmful attitudes you may observe in this environment.

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The goal is to draw a portrait of the harmful behaviors that are present in your work place and to better appreciate the situation. This tool was developed in order to target where are the problems to better address them.

When it comes to expressing oneself about what one is living, it is not easy to find what is most important to say when the time comes to make oneself understood. The RWBI allows you to draw up a picture of the situation from which you will be able to identify the points you want to address.

Express what you really think in order to make it right. There is no good or bad answer. A portrait of the situation which corresponds to reality will enable you to make the right decisions. No replies are required in the questionnaire. Rather than risk false answers, if you're not sure, go to the next question. However, you will understand that the less you say, the less data will be available to draw a fair picture of the situation.

You will receive your answers free of charge by email.

If you enter a pass code, a summary table of your answers will automatically be sent to the person associated with this code (eg, psychologist, union representative or other caregiver).

You will be able to order your summary table after answering the questionnaire.


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